Josie Gibson

The winner's view: Josie Gibson

We've already heard the pearls of wisdom from two male Big Brother winners, Luke A and Craig Phillips, so it's about time that we caught up with a female victor to find out just what it takes to walk away with the prize. We sat down with 2010's winner, Josie Gibson, to see what she makes of this year's finalists...

What do you think it takes to win Big Brother?

I think a winner should be entertaining, have a general respect for people and shouldn't take themselves too seriously. They should never try to undermine the viewers, if they want to play the game then they should bring the public in on it. I was quite a lazy housemate, I don't think I deserved to win!

Can you see any similarities between this year's series and yours?

No, none at all! I was very lucky in my series. Apart from a few characters, everyone was quite chilled out. The House this year has been very paranoid and serious. Mine felt like a laugh a minute!

Who do you want to win?

I actually don't know, it keeps changing every minute. One minute I want Ash to win, the next I want Ashleigh. I even want Pav to win, just to see the look on the housemates' faces!

Is there anyone you don't want to win?

I don't want Chris to win. I think he's tried to play a game and it has backfired in his face. He's probably an alright person, but I really didn't like the way he handled the Pav and Ashleigh situation. He made Pav feel so uncomfortable when he'd only just entered the House.

So that's what Josie says, but only YOU can decide who wins. Catch Josie on Bit on the Side, tonight at 11pm on Channel 5.