The Winner Coleen's CBB snapshots

All Star housemate Coleen is making her second journey out of those famous Big Brother doors, but this time as the winner! All hail your new champion! Before we send her back to those Loose Women, let’s relive the moments that led to her victory…

When she gave Calum a lapdance

Before Chloe pounced on Jedward's lap, Coleen made her mark when she gave ladies' man Calum a lapdance he'd never forget. Go on, Col! 

When she had a tickle fight with James J

If James J's words were cutting, imagine what his tickles were like. Luckily our Loose Woman had a few words of her own for the wind-up merchant once the tickling had ended. 

When she was sent on Angie's January detox

CBB Coleen

And her face said more than words ever could (although she said a few words about it too...

When she was sent to Hell

Uncomfortable seats. No cups of tea. They didn't call it a Weekend From Hell for nothing, Col. 

When she became Notorious Nolan

Notorious Nolan and Jamie O'Haha were a real tour de force, but Notorious Nolan's most notable heroic act? Not pressing the buzzer! Notorious doesn't do that kind of thing.

When she got wet and wild with Calum and Jamie

Just because she was best friends with James C and spent a lot of her time sitting and chatting didn't mean Coleen couldn't get stuck in when there were pranks going down! During Judgement Weekend, she let off some steam by indulging in a water fight with the lads. Aww.

When she was a fairy godmother

Look at that face! You'd trust Coleen to grant your every wish, wouldn't you? She definitely wouldn't leave you stranded in a pumpkin at midnight.

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