The top 10 Big Brother moments of 2015

As the dawning of a new year grows nearer, it's a good time to look back on some of the most memorable moments of the last twelve months. 2015 was a vintage year for Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother, with three series, 47 housemates, tons of special guests and countless twists and turns gracing our screens. Here are just some of the golden memories that we'll never forget.

10. Celebrities covered in fishguts, dancing to Fatman Scoop

As well as providing a great deal of drama, this summer's UK vs USA edition of CBB was also home to some of the funniest scenes ever witnessed in Britain's most famous bungalow. And when a task arrives that involves famous people pouring slop over other famous people, then being forced to dance along to Fatman Scoop's Be Faithful with the man himself, the results are always going to be hilarious. All together now: If you smell like Stinky Bishop, put your hands up! You got fishguts in your knickers, put your hands up!

9. Marc's home-made cosplay

Love him or loathe him, you can't deny that Marc had a huge impact on the Big Brother: Timebomb House when he entered as part of the #4in4out twist. He argued with just about everybody, whilst getting on the nerves of housemates and viewers alike, but he also had a hell of a lot of fun, especially the time he decided that leftover chicken wasn't the most exciting thing that could be wrapped in foil. In the words of the man himself: "You've heard of a knight in shining armour? Well, I'm a p***k in tin foil."

8. Feed the hoooooooooousemates...

With the combined talents of Alexander "Criticise" O'Neal and Kav-"I Can Make You Feel Good"-ana in January's CBB House, it was only a matter of time before a work of sheer musical genius was unleashed upon the world. And with the likes of Alicia Douvall, Michelle Visage and Keith Chegwin on backing vocals, it's unfathomable as to why this didn't break all known chart records around the world. Maybe the key change wasn't big enough...

7. The ultimate bromance

Despite coming from opposite sides of the pond, and representing different teams within the House, the friendship between reality starts Austin Armacost and James Hill was the heartwarming highlight of the summer. It wasn't all plain sailing - such as the time James nominated Austin - but their shared love of bubble baths in the "man tub" was enough to see them through.

6. Doing the Time Warp

The Timebomb theme brought many twists and turns to this summer's series, but none more shocking than the Time Warp. It was a celebration of Big Brother's past, which involved such treats as familiar faces returning for a party, Cristian getting a snog off Jasmine Lennard, and a timely reminder of how awesome Nikki Grahame's facial expressions are. But many of the most memorable moments came courtesy of four live-in legends: Nikki, Brian Belo, Helen Wood and Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace, who provided arguably the quote of the series as she gave Helen her Christmas present...

5. The Perez Show goes solo

The pressure of the Celebrity Big Brother House all got too much for Perez Hilton on Day 19 as he dramatically quit the show... or so it seemed. In fact, Perez was on a mission for Big Brother, holed up in a secret room, spying on his fellow celebrities' every move and influencing what happened in the House. As the hours ticked by, solitary confinement seemed to do weird things to Perez, as he resorted to painting his nipples, putting an ice bucket on his head, and smearing himself with foam. As you do.

4. Face-to-face noms get personal

Bobby noms

Big Brother likes to mix things up with a good nominations twist every now and then, and the face-to-face variant is a particular favourite. It was hard to pick just one for this top ten, considering celebrities and regular housemates alike both had to face this particular ordeal. But the ultimate face-to-face-noms moment of the year has to be the mild-mannered Bobby Davro calmly taking Farrah Abraham apart with an absolutely killer insult. Her response? "Satan should sit down". No love lost there then...

3. #BBCashbomb

This summer's series of Big Brother had the biggest prize fund in the show's history, with £150,000 up for grabs. But not all of it went to the winner, after the monumental drama of Cash Bomb Week. The prize fund was slashed during a nominations twist, and housemates had to work hard all week to earn their money back. Jack took one for the team when he received multiple sponsored spray tans, while Joel didn't exactly help matters when he paid £2,500 for a frozen pizza. Which he then burnt. In the end, the 150k was restored, but Chloe, Sam and Jack all took a wedge for themselves...

2. Katie Hopkins vs Perez Hilton

Okay, we're cheating a bit here. This isn't so much a single moment, but more like an unofficial theme for the entire series. It all started on launch night, when Perez suggested that Katie might be "the most hated woman in Britain", and it kind of went downhill from there. They argued, then they argued again. Later, they had an argument, which soon led to an argument. Not long after that, the pair argued, and then just to mix things up, they had an argument. But who came out on top in this mighty battle of wits? Well, Katie lasted longer in the House, surviving until the final, but considering how the series is synonymous with being "The Perez Show", we'll call it a draw...

1. The double fake fake eviction

Big Brother is a twisted genius. We've seen fake evictions and secret rooms before, but this was a twist upon a twist. Jenna Jameson and Farrah Abraham (otherwise known as #Jarrah) thought they'd been booted out, only to be reunited in Big Brother's luxury suite. As usual, they began listening in on the housemates' conversations, and they were given the power to nominate... but it turned out that the fake eviction was itself a fake. The other housemates knew full well that Jarrah were watching in, and also that whoever got nominated would actually be immune, so they did their best to wind the twosome up. When the truth finally came out, Jarrah were not happy...

What a year it's been. But we just know that there's so much more to come in 2016. The new series of Celebrity Big Brother begins on Tuesday 5th January at 9pm, only on Channel 5. Don't miss it!