Steverly's peculiar pillow talk

Sharing a bed gives housemates the chance to have quiet, intimate conversations without anyone overhearing. Well, anyone except Big Brother. But cuddling under the covers is a great time to whisper sweet nothings to your bedmate, especially if you might be falling in love with them.

With that in mind, here are some things Kimberly and Steven spend their snuggled-up time talking about:


Bikram yoga is Kim's favourite kind of exercise. Though she thinks classes are a bit expensive, and she doesn't always have time to go as often as she'd like. But yeah. Totally her favourite.

The Milgram Experiment

One morning, Kimberly woke Steven up to ask him if he knew the name of the famous psychological experiment into obedience. She remembered it had to do with authority figures and fake electric shocks, but couldn't really remember what it was called or anything else about it. And neither could Steven.

Well, we could've told them it was the Milgram Experiment, after Stanley Milgram, the researcher from Yale University who was looking into how cruel people could be when ordered to do potentially dangerous things. So there.


Soon after the alarm sounded on another day, Steven regaled Kimberly with a list of all the cars he and his family members drive. She looked riveted.


Another very important topic of bedtime conversation: beards. Specifically, whether or not Steven usually has one, and how long he goes between shaves.


According to Steven, Kimberly farts in her sleep at least four times a night - and that's just while he's awake. It doesn't stop him cuddling in close, though. Even when she's stinky.

What Kimberly would like Steven to make her for breakfast

Actually that one is kind of romantic.