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Socially #Awks vol 11

If you thought our housemates were vocal on social media before they entered the Big Brother House, just wait 'til you see what they've posted since saying their goodbyes. This is Socially #Awks: Evictee Edition! 

#WaterGate continues

Spencer Pratt sure does love a live tweet-along. Just when you thought #WaterGate had completely dried out, the eagle-eyed evictee reminded us about that ever-so-slight incident when everyone got annoyed at Spencer hiding water in his bed.

Chloe is NOT a fan of Stacy

She doesn't regret the Jedward lapdance, but Stacy?!  That buzzer moment hit DEEP. 

Stacy is NOT a fan of Jessica 

Ah, isn't social media a beautiful thing? Here's Stacy, cheering uncontrollably at the sight of Jessica getting evicted from the House.

Bitter bromance?

Austin just wanted to remind us that Calum and Jamie's bromance had nothing on his CBB bromance with James Hill. NOTHING!! 

The Jasmine/Stacy feud continues...

You and your memes, internet! Looks like there's no BFF reunion at the wrap party then...

The awkward moment you have to pose next to the guy you've been seeing after flirting outrageously with Calum Best in the CBB House

We don't think Jessica minds too much, tbf. 

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