Socially #Awks: The Aftermath

Well, that's it then. The doors have been closed, the lights have been turned off, and the finalists have all been given back their phones. But wait! Now the housemates are back in the real world, they've got access to their Twitter and Instagram accounts again. Shall we see what they've been up to?

Bianca's beauty tips

The caption for this pic was "Starting to miss the house! Missing my @nicolamclean30!" which is lovely, but mostly, we reckon Bianca wanted to show off those lashes.

Nicola's newfound appreciation for the little things

Well, we're happy she's happy.

James C's walk in the woods

Yeah, this isn't embarrassing at all. It's just adorable, especially when he says he didn't realise he had so many "friends" out here voting for him. Awww.

Kim's radio silence

Kim doesn't do social media. Considering some of the things we've dug up over the course of this series, maybe that's for the best.

Jedward's jedication

The less said about those deleted tweets the better, so let's just enjoy Jedward's ongoing dedication to put a J at the beginning of words. Jinspiring.

Coleen's new profile pic

She really did change it to that pic, too.