Jeremy has been evicted! Here are his top five moments

Nothing like an eviction to call time on a Big Brother romance, eh? Yup, Jeremy's been evicted, so there'll be no more "I love yous" in the House for a while. Ah well. Let's look back at some of Jezza's best moments...

Snuggle partner

You can't talk about Jeremy without talking about Stephanie. Our Steph soon captured the tattooed model's attention, fast becoming his dedicated snuggle buddy. Light kisses and mutterings of 'I love you' were exchanged by the pair on a regular basis. They even started talking about marriage and kids. Wowzers.

Date night

Mind you, it wasn't like Steph didn't have competition for Jeremy's affections. Remember THAT romantic date Jezza went on with the one and only David Gest? After winning the romantic encounter in Day 6's task, the pair spent the evening sipping champange, tucking into treats and licking cream off of each other's tongues - as you do.

Jeremy even went so far as asking the housemates to make him over for the special occasion, top hat, boa and all. 

Jeremy's got talent

We also saw Jeremy 'bond' with another housemate, as he took to the stage with Scotty T as part of David Gest's Talent Search on Day 5. What was their act? Magic Mike meets Swan Lake (we think), which saw the pair crawl on the floor in next to nothing and have a little smooch midway. Sadly, they didn't win.   

Massage man

Jeremy built quite a reputation for being hands-on whilst in the CBB House, offering out massages on a regular basis. From giving Christopher a deep rub to trying new techniques on Danniella, and relieving David's tension on a regular basis, Jezza could definitely start a new career if the modelling doesn't work out.

Fun and games

Time can drag in the Celebrity Big Brother House, but the Jezmeister found plenty of ways to keep himself entertained. Whether it was jumping in the tub and covering himself in bubbles, starting splashing pool parties or swallowing a mouthful of toothpaste just for lolz, the cheeky guy was always full of energy.

Unfortunately, that energy took him all the way up the stairs and out of the House. Bye Jeremy!