Seven things that will definitely happen on launch night

The stage is set, the lights are in place, and in just a few hours' time a new cast of leading ladies and gents will be making their way towards the most famous doors in all of Borehamwood. There’s no business like show business, and as the old saying goes, anything can happen! But if past series are anything to go by, we’re pretty sure that we can look forward to these things...

1. It will rain, and it will rain hard

It’s Borehamwood, it’s January, and we’re all back at work. Of course it’s going to rain.

2. A celebrity will say they’re a bag of nerves, then own the CBB runway

It’s not just us mere mortals that get a bad case of the nerves, celebrities can also suffer from a belly full of butterflies. Just make like they do and channel your inner Sasha Fierce, you sassy thing, you!

3. There’ll be an awkward first interview

Emma interview

Some celebrities have the gift of the gab. Others have the gift of making Emma and the nation feel very uncomfortable with their startled looks, frequent silences and many misunderstandings. But as a former housemate once proudly exclaimed, that’s showbiz!

4. They'll dress to impress...

"What? This old thing? It's been sitting in my wardrobe for years..."

5. The first celebrity housemate will get VERY confused upon entering the House

Chloe confused

“Can I pick my bed yet?” “Can you let me into the bedroom?” “Am I really the first one in?” 

6. Before quickly becoming the House aficionado...

“So this is the kitchen, with ample dining space and a great preparation area. The curtains are one of a kind you know, won’t find them anywhere.” Five minutes in the Borehamwood Bungalow is all it takes to qualify as House Tour Guide these days.

7. And there'll be bubbly all round

What better reason for raising a glass than the beginning of a brand spanking new series of Celebrity Big Brother? Cheers to that!

Celebrity Big Brother: Live Launch, tonight at 9pm on Channel 5