You know Celebrity Big Brother is two days away when...

That's right, there are just two days left until Celebrity Big Brother begins! Can you believe it?

If you're as hyped for the season as we are, you'll be very familiar with all of these feels...

1. You're overcome with excitement whenever your hear anyone utter the words 'Celebrity', 'Big' or 'Brother.

2. You find yourself providing live commentry on everyday tasks in a strong Geordie accent. Making breakfast is now the most fun thing in the world.

Keith and Cami cook

3. You lie awake at night thinking about what the new Diary Room chair will look like.

4. And can't wait to see if a bromance to rival James and Austin's will blossom this series.

5. You've mentally planned your entrance outfit and exactly how you'd do your make-up.

6. When someone says they're not a CBB fan, you channel your inner Katie Hopkins.

Katie Hopkins Celebrity Big Brother

7. You've already asked your friends not to WhatsApp you from 9pm onwards for the next month.

Janice says no

8. The thought of having Emma and Rylan back in your daily life fills you with glee.

9. You've already followed @bbuk and @BBUKLive on Twitter so you don't miss any of the action.

10. Most of all, you just wish the next two days could just be over so it can be launch night already.

Celebrity Big Brother is back at 9pm, Tuesday January 5th. As if we needed to remind you.