Pool party

Day 4: Five things to do at a Power Pool Party

What better way to enjoy the sunshine than with a pool party? The latest perk for power housemate Pauline is a summery treat in the garden, complete with ice cream and inflatables. 

But not everyone was allowed to enjoy the fun. Once again, it was down to Pauline to decide which of her fellow housemates should be rewarded with an invitation. She picked Chris, Marlon, Ash, Kimberly, and Tamara, and soon the chosen few were enjoying their treat in the sun.

Here are the best five ways to enjoy a Big Brother pool party:

Eat ice cream

Pauline eating ice cream

Following days of celery and chickpeas, who could blame our housemates for tucking into an ice lolly or two?

Get competitive

Ash plays volleyball in the pool

After a vigorous game of pool volleyball with Marlon, Ash suggested "football tennis." Oddly, no-one took him up on it.

Swim with dolphins

Chris with the whale

Technically that's a killer whale, but close enough.


Tamara hits Ash with an inflatable whale

Smacking someone over the head with an inflatable whale counts as flirting, right?

Chill out

Marlon floating in the pool

Mostly, though, our housemates just seemed to relish the chance to relax and cool off.