• The Secrets and Lies theme left housemates in a constant state of paranoia
  • Especially when it was revealed that one housemate was a mole
  • Shopping tasks included the Quarantine task, complete with infected housemates
  • And a secrets task that let animal-lover Wolfy commune with nature
  • Face-to-face noms caused a lot of drama
  • While a fake eviction saw Dexter and Gina move next door to the Safe House
  • Housemates who didn't get on were pushed together...
  • Or made to face off against their nemeses
  • Romance seemed to be blossoming between Charlie and Callum...
  • Or should that be Charlie and Dexter?
  • When the housemates were good, they got rewards. Like a girly night in...
  • Or a phone call from their idols
  • When they were bad, they were sent to jail
  • Voice of BB, Marcus Bentley, made a personal appearance and wreaked havoc
  • Housemates expressed themselves through art...
  • But mostly just through their facial expressions
  • Sam made us laugh (even when he wasn't supposed to)
  • And Gina often lived up to her reputation as the Most Spoiled Girl in Britain
  • Things got competitive as housemates campaigned for your vote
  • But there could be only one winner

Do you know what we did last summer? 20 pictures to remind you...

The new series of Big Brother is about to start – whoop whoop, but while you're waiting, here's a reminder of what happened last year – from fake housemates to fake evictions, through emus, zombies, and Queen Bees...