Craig Phillips

The winner's view: Craig Phillips

We're just days away from the Big Brother 2014 final, so who better to cast an eye over our remaining finalists than the FIRST EVER winner of Big Brother? We sat down with Craig Phillips, who snagged the title fourteen years ago, to find out just what he makes of our six hopefuls...

What does it take to win Big Brother?

It takes a good supporting public to like you and vote for you! Housemates have to be true to themselves, stick it out, and maybe pull back their opinions every now and then! 

Do you think Big Brother winners have changed over the years?

The winners are probably a bit more outrageous and keen to stand out now. I'm pretty sure that if you watched my series you'd just get really bored! The show has changed so much which has also brought in a whole load of different characters. They've probably watched the previous winners and their strategies. You only go in there to win!

Speaking of winning, who do you want to win?

Christopher, he's my favourite. But so much can change! It really could be anybody's game.

Is there anyone you really don't want to win?

I'm going to say Helen. I know that we've seen a nicer and more compelling side to her this week, but I think that's just a guilty conscience for how she's acted throughout the show.