Everything you need to know about Day 68

Since it's the final week of the competition, Big Brother decided the housemates deserved a day off, and let them all relax for the day.

Or, you know, that didn't happen, at all. The final week is shaping up to be just as challenging and action-packed as the rest of the series, and housemates have barely been able to relax at all. 

A morning of paper folding was interrupted when Big Brother announced that the Power had returned to the House: it was put into in the hands of Christopher and Ash.

Their power turned out to be knowledge, as the Power Pair donned spectacles and their best serious expressions and played psychiatrist to their fellow housemates. Which was enlightening.

A bigger shock was in store for the House when Helen was unexpectedly evicted

Except she wasn't, really. Big Brother just moved her into the House's spare bedroom, where she'll get to watch everything that's going on in the House in her absence. Ooooh...

Helen's not the only one, either. Big Brother gave Ash and Christopher the toughest power decision yet: they had just 30 seconds to pick one of the three remaining housemates to evict on the spot. After much wailing about the unfairness of it all, the Power Pair picked Chris to be evicted.

Instead, he was moved straight into the spare bedroom with Helen. What will they see from their new vantage point? How will they feel about their fellow housemates from the other side of a screen? How will the House cope without them? And will housemates ever get over their paranoia now two housemates have been 'evicted' unexpectedly on a Monday night? We'll keep you in the loop.

In the meantime, those voting lines have opened up ready for you to vote for your winner. Who wins? You decide.