Day 66

Everything you need to know about Day 66

Last night's double whammy shook the House to the core, so it's no surprise that housemates were feeling a little blue as they awoke to an emptier House on Day 66. 

Luckily there was no time for wallowing as Big Brother was eager for housemates to prove their worth in a variety of challenges, starting with an intense round of CV writing and interviews

Pav Diary Room

Many applied for the Big Brother 2014 winner's title and housemates were eager to decribe themselves in the best three words possible. CVs were most revealing. Some more than others, with Christopher comparing his attitude to life as similar to that of Mrs. Doubtfire's. If you say so, Christopher. 

But as is common in job interviews, competition was fierce and it wasn't long before Chris and Ashleigh were analysing Helen's application

Housemates had a break from questions and suits to find themselves faced with a range of rather familiar looking task stations. One housemate would be crowned the King or Queen of tasks, but only if they could complete classic task activities including chilli eating, hair clipping and sticking their hand in a mystery box for a while. In the end, there could be only one winner.

Night soon fell upon the House and Ash was eager to discuss just how hard House life can be in an 'Are they? Aren't they?' romance.

Ashleigh was also feeling a bit blue, but as Chris reassured her, she was simply going through one of 'the three stages of decline' experienced by all. What a wise owl.

Will housemates get any feedback on their CVs? Will a fourth stage of decline come out of the woodwork? Stick with us and you'll be the first to know.