The Hurricane Report: Eviction No. 3

Big Brother's Sue Evans - aka Hurricane Sue - is back to give us her take on the Celebrity Big Brother housemates!

Up for eviction this week were Helen, Jemma and JAM (Jordan and Sam). What an unpredictable line-up, not one I would have chosen myself.  In my opinion only Jemma deserved to be on the losing team.

Sarah and Chad's showmance seems to be going nowhere FAST! His ego must be so battered by now as he can’t seem to find girls who will commit to him! One minute Sarah wants him then the next, she doesn’t. Then she totally loses her cool when he kisses Jemma in Spin the Bottle! Oh… Hold on, she’s back in his bed again!

I’m quite convinced that Chad has got Big Brother confused with some kind of dating show. First he was swooning over Amelia but that came to a screeching halt when she ditched him for Sam. I mean, let’s be honest Mr. Womanizer was hardly heartbroken as he swiftly moved on to Sarah. We were all witness to the midnight kissy session, handholding and bed sharing antics. Finally, he was getting the attention he craved!

But then Sarah shunned him with a series of LAME excuses as to why they can no longer have kissy sessions. “Oh this House is a mind f**k”, ”We're living in a bubble”, ”I don’t want to hurt anyone”, “We’re BESTIES!” and then my all time favourite ”I don’t know what I want”.

Oh please Sarah, spare us the damsel in distress act! I think the problem with Sarah is that deep down she knows Chad would have anyone who gives him the time of day. I’m watching this closely and I believe that his focus will be on Jemma next. He said, “I think she is INTERESTING”, yeah I bet he does! Let’s watch on as they create havoc.

I loved the cheerleading task; my best bit was the electric shocks. If I had my way Jemma would have got 10,000,000 volts up her a**e for the duration of the series and that’s just for starters! Brandi was voted to be the least entertaining housemate and I completely agree. Watching her team up with Jemma is quite odd. I mean, how desperate does one get? Brandi sits in the Beauty Parlour every day dishing out advice like she actually qualifies as an agony aunt. She is a stirrer with no quality ingredients to mix.

How quickly do the alliances change in this house? It’s an epic shift that rubs me up the right way and every episode gets more interesting! This CBB makes my BB house look like playschool. Dangerous Danan is now the targeted one and his mate Jemma is his nemesis. She has morphed into the top dog, for now. A dangerous canine beast, not a loyal and devoted pooch like my beautiful Queenie.

It was absolutely genius when BB showed the housemates exactly who’s boss by banning alcohol for one night. That happened in my House and believe me my fellow housemates went nuts too! We love watching them squirm don’t we?

A sad moment for me was when Jordan got evicted, I was shocked and I truly believe the wrong housemate went. He may have been childish at times but to me it was harmless fun and endearing to watch. I think the JAM-MANCE hindered him as people wanted to see Jordan as an independent housemate, not latching onto someone else all the time!

Oh well, it’s too late now isn’t it? He’s a very pretty boy though so I’m certain we will see him again. I must commend him for pulling off a yellow suit for the eviction, he looked like a ripe banana and only baby-faced Jordan could get away with that!

Sue Evans x