5 things that happened on tonight's show: Day 52

The final is almost upon us, but two housemates faced a BACKDOOR EVICTION tonight! If you missed it, here's what went down:

A debate was held over whether mermaids are real or not

According to Andrew, they're 100% real because he claims to have seen one.

Housemates watched their Big Brother experience flash before their eyes before being sent to Heaven or Hell

Raph and Isabelle both made it to Heaven, how angelic!

Our favourite sisters were separated!

Deborah made it to Heaven, Hannah was sent to Hell and evicted.

We also saw the bromance of the series come to an end...

Kieran was sent to Hell and was evicted. Will he and Tom rekindle things on the outside?

The housemates were told that they were finalists!

Apart from Andrew as he's a second-chance housemate. He'll remain in the House until the final night though.

Join Emma Willis for the LIVE final on Friday 28th July, 9pm, Channel 5.