6 things that happened in tonight's show: Day 51

We always cry at weddings, but Deborah and Kieran's gave everyone reasons to sniffle. Here's a quick recap of all the major developements in tonight's show:

Big Brother finally got Debs and Kieran to go on a date

They fed each other strawberries and asked about intimate body piercings. It was SO ROMANTIC.

Kieran proposed

That's what you call a whirlwind romance.

The wedding was beautiful

But there were some uninvited guests - namely, Chanelle, Sue, Sukhvinder, and Rebecca! Awkssssss.

Things ended badly

The bride was barely out of her wedding dress before the divorce was finalised. And while Tom and Isabelle commiserated with Kieran, the rest of the housemates - plus all the wedding crashers - partied the night away.

The ex-housemates had some unfinished business to address

Thought the rows were over once they didn't have to live in the same House any more? Then you thought wrong.

And Andrew promised us another storm

Batten down the hatches!