5 things that happened in tonight's show: 14th July 2017

What a show, THE HUNT has concluded and has taken it's victims. Miss it? Here's a quick roundup.

Chanelle and Andrew got scary in the kitchen

Wouldn't like to bump into them in The Woods! 

Deborah decided to take a stand against Sam and Ellie's "relationship"

To be fair, she's doing us all a favour! Unless you're into PDA that is.

Simone became the first victim of THE HUNT and was evicted!

It was pretty frightening to say the least!

Tom was terrified!

It's okay Tom, you weren't the only one.

In a shock twist, Sue became the next victim of The HUNT after being chosen to leave by her fellow housemates.

The hurricane has come to an end, will the house be in for any more stormy weather or is it all sunshine and rainbows from now on?