7 things that happened in tonight’s show: Day 38

THE HUNT claimed its newest victims, which created waves between the housemates and they had a steamy game of spin the bottle...

The Hunt led to the Chanelle and Simone being up for EVICTION

And the rest of the housemates thought they could breathe a sigh of relief…

Ellie didn’t choose to save Sam

And picked Charlotte instead…

Isabelle and Sam had to choose between them, who is going to be up for eviction

And Sam let Isabelle take it, with no hesitation whatsoever.

Ellie informed us that the definition of ‘second guessing’ is ‘when your brain goes tick-tock’.

Spin the bottle started…

And Ellie and Chanelle had a snog.

Kieran and Isabelle also had a steamy kiss

And Kieran got an awkward semi...

Chanelle dared Raph to give Andrew a lapdance

And Raph refused… #Awks.

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