6 things that happened in tonight's show: Day 36

The second day of the shopping task posed our housemates all kinds of dilemmas. Who gave in to temptation, and who resisted? Let's recap...

Big Brother got the housemates up and dancing

Which charged up the light bulb for the day ahead.

Deborah, Kieran, and Ellie all got emosh

All the cryface emojis.

Sue insisted she wasn't going to give in

But then did, immediately, as soon as she saw her dog. Yaaaas Queen, etc.

Charlotte and Isabelle faced a dilemma

Only one of them could see their visitor - and Charlotte was the lucky one, getting a visit from her mum, Mandy!

Things kicked off a bit

After Mandy told Charlotte that Chanelle had been talking about her behind her back, Charlotte kicked off. (But they soon hugged it out.)

Sam and Ellie got closer

But it's so hard being in a relationship in the Big Brother House. SO HARD.