Winston has been evicted! Check out his top five moments

Whoah! Who saw that coming? The Winstmeister is the twelve person to be evicted from the Big Brother House, leaving being six finalists and a trail of fawning ladies. Oh Winny, we remember on launch night when you said the 'win' in Winston meant you were a sure thing! So close too.

Check out the Essex boy's top five moments...

1. Anyone for spag bol?

Winston and Tamara's romance might have been short-lived - she was evicted at the end of Week 1 - but it was no less exciting for it. The highlight was the evening he decided to take Tamara on a surprise date, turning the pod into a love nest and cooking his special spaghetti bolognese for her. It even led to the first House snog.

2. Fishy tales

Winston shark

Having introduced us all to the disturbing phrase "pulling a Winston", Big Brother decided to give the erudite Essex boy a task that catered to his talents: he had to tell housemates three made-up stories about times he'd, erm, been sick. He was so convincing that when he told the story of when he fought a shark - and won - we weren't sure whether or not to believe him.

3. Wooing words

During the Girl Power task, Winston wrote a love poem to Danielle. Well, we say "love poem" - it was really more of a lyrical catcall. It seemed to do the trick, though, as she giggled and thanked him, then later suggested she had a bit of a crush. The Winst-meister clearly has the gift of the gab.

4. An Inspector calls

For the Assassins Task, Winston was appointed detective and asked to solve the House's very own murder mystery. Despite a few red herrings along the way, he did eventually manage to catch all three of the assassins. 

5. Rock star antics

As part of the BruvVid task, Winston decided to showcase his musical talents... and then smash the guitar, in true rock star style. It's okay Winston. We didn't want that guitar anyway.