CBB Stacy

6 things you need to know about CBB Day 10

The House officially entered double figures yesterday as the celebs dragged themselves out of bed on a rather dreary Day 10. After all the tears, departures and loud, loud noises over the past few days, you'd think the housemates would be content relaxing in the garden, or meditating in the Snug. Well, not quite. Here's the six things we learnt about Day 10 in the Big Brother House...

1. Speidi sensed danger!

With just one day standing between the housemates and the first public vote, two celebs in particular were wondering where they stood with you lovely lot at home. Have they been too nice this time around? Only time will tell...

2. Celebs can be sensitive too, you know.

It's not all sunshine and rainbows in celeb-ville. Sometimes it's 'why didn't you pick me?' and 'Don't you think I'm good enough?!'. So much so that James Cosmo and Coleen had a right good natter about the more sensitive souls in the House earlier in the day. Any guesses who they might be talking about? 

3. It snowed!

CBB Jedward

If a snowy/rainy combination is what counts as snowing, then it definitely snowed! While most people gaze longingly as the flakes falls down, Jedward (along with backing dancers Speidi) channeled their inner Elsa to put on a slighty snowy performance! Idina Menzel, you don't need to be too worried just yet. 

4. #FindStacyAHusband was born

People of Twitter, Nicola wants you all to #FindStacyAHusband. And not just any old husband. A husband who can tolerate loud noises and wouldn't mind someone randomly bursting into song like they're on a broadway musical. You know what you gotta do. 

5. Calum got board...

CBB Calum

As part of yesterday's task, Calum ended up declaring himself an egomanicac, two-faced mummy's boy for the majority of the night, with this help of the handy sign above. If there's any egomanicac, two-faced mummy's boys out there desperate for a bit of card to wear on an eve, get in touch after the show. 

6. Reading out mean tweets isn't as fun as other celebrities make out

Yesterday's task also meant Jasmine had the pleasure of reading out mean tweets about herself, some included the rather lovely words 'self-obesessed' and 'mean girl'. Surprisingly, Jazzy didn't take the tweets too well. Shame on you, Twitter world.

So that was Day 10 in a nutshell, but what will happen when one housemate leaves, and three more enter the CBB House tonight? The weekend from hell is almost upon us... and we can't wait!!