5 Things You Need To Know About CBB Day 9

Day 9 was a bit of a weird one in the House. The housemates were still feeling the gap from Ray J’s shock departure, James J and Jamie bonded over golfing techniques, and even the meanest of housemates looked cute in their nightgowns as part of the Wake Up Call task. But just as things started to be going fairly calmly, Brandon Block announced he wanted to leave, leaving the housemates with another gaping hole. Here's a quick recap of the Day 9 action...

1. James J and Jamie O'Hara compared swinging techniques. 

​In what looks like the beginnings of a flowering romance, James J and Jamie compared their techniques for golf. Nothing like a lil bit of male bonding, eh?

2. Stacy wants to lock lips with Jamie.

Yes, you read that right. Stacy wants to lock lips with Jamie. Opening her heart up to none other then Speidi, Stacy reveals she’d like to ‘make out’ with Jamie. In true nonchalant Speidi fashion, they egged Stacy on. Just go for it, girl!

3. Jedward are not happy. Uh oh.

Our favourite twins aren’t happy, and quite rightly so. In this exclusive clip, the pair opened up in the Diary Room about how lazy the rest of their housemates are, and just how much they actually deserve a medal for their entertainment. What do you think - do Jedward need an award?

4. Sympathy for Stace.

In the wake of her argument with Jasmine, Stacy is still going over the fight in her head. But in an odd turn of events, James J and Coleen were on hand to give Stace a lil sympathy. Check it out.

5. Brandon's bounced.

Brandon Block left the Celebrity Big Brother House yesterday evening. Check out the full details here.

What twists and turns will Day 10 bring? Stick with us and you'll be the first to know!