6 Things You Need To Know About Day 8

The celebs have been in the House for eight days now, and the cracks are starting to show. You know how everyone always thinks they're going to be friends at the beginning? Yeah, that's pretty much over now.

And our housemates' easy, comfy stay in the House has also ended, because while they're taking part in the shopping task, they're on basic rations with no access to hot water. The game is now very much afoot. Here's what you need to know about Day 8:

1. Stacy and Austin don't like each other

Actually you might already have known this, but it's now pretty darn clear: Austin and Stacy really won't be joining one another's fan clubs any time soon. 

We also learned that they're both very loud

2. The shopping task has officially begun!

If the housemates managed to argue with one another over bottled water, what will they do when they're on basic rations? We might be about to find out, because the first shopping task of the series has begun and the housemates have been transported to the Land of Nod!

That means they'll be wearing pyjamas and toting teddy bears until further notice - and they're also forbidden to complain about being tired! Will they succeed or will it be lentil curry for dinner later this week?

3. All the housemates look adorable in pyjamas

As an aside: everyone looks great in PJs.

4. There is no limit to what Bianca can and will wear on her head

Spikes, giant bows, and now a teddy bear. Is there anything Bianca won't put on her head? Stay tuned to find out.

5. The American dream sometimes seems a bit like a nightmare

Especially when Big Brother has created a USA-themed obstacle course, and your only hope of making it through is to listen to Jedward's instructions. Yikes.

6. Ray J has left the building

Sad times.

Friday's eviction is still going ahead though, so if you want to save your fave, you'll need to get voting!