Socially #Awks vol 2

Ready for another deep dive into our housemates' internet histories? Last time, we unearthed some gems from Ray J, Stacy, Jedward, Jasmine, and Austin's social media pasts. Now it's time to see what some of the others have been getting up to...

Bianca's barnet fail

Apparently she put this on her head to protect her hair from the rain. Because there is literally no other way to do that. Nope. None. We've checked.

Trick or Treating with Nicola


A photo posted by Nicola McLean (@nicolamclean30) on Oct 31, 2015 at 8:21am PDT

Snapchat filter or facepaint? You decide.

Brandon's bad smell

Oh dear. Let's hope there's no repeat performance in the House.

Calum's starstruck selfie

Heyyyyyyyy there's a face we recognise! How did this All Star meeting come about? Who knows. But we're glad it did.

James C's sleepy tweets

You know what, James C has never tweeted anything embarrassing. He also hasn't really tweeted anything personal, just updates about his latest projects and public appearances. Which is all very well, but where's the real James C? If only he'd appear on some kind of televised reality show so we could get to know him better...

Hungry for more celeb social content? We'll keep digging...