Nicola's CBB snapshots

Nicola is in fifth place! Aww, it’s been emotional. Our All Star has seen some amazing highs and some horrible lows during her time in the Celebrity Big Brother House this time around. While we wave her goodbye, let’s take a moment to look back at some of her best moments…

When she was on the Dream Team

In the cosiest shopping task ever, housemates were given pyjamas and teddy bears to snuggle up with. And while there were some less comfy parts to the task, Nicola and James J became the Dream Team, with added authority and perks all to themselves. The only downside? That silly hat.

When she clashed with Kim (over and over and over again)


It's fair to say Nicola and Kim didn't see eye to eye. The two of them clashed at every possible opportunity. It probably didn't help that Kim could never seem to remember that her name was Nicola, and not "Nicole".

When she was Jedward's sidekick

When the housemates were sent to Hero Training Camp, Nicola transformed into Mean McLean, the masked sidekick to the Defensive Duo. Her duties? Mostly making cups of tea, to be honest.

And then Jedward's archenemy

Nicola Jedward

The pizza prank was one prank too many for Nicola, who gave the boys a lashing of the verbal kind in the early hours of the morning. Sadly, Mean McLean and the Dfensive Duo were never to be reunited. 

When she had an on-off friendship with Speidi

Long-term CBB fans were probably expecting fireworks from All Stars Speidi and Nicola. But actually, for a while, they really got along. Speidi even voted for Nicola to receive eternal immunity. But unfortunately, she didn't vote for them, and that caused all sorts of hurt feelings. Lots. 

When we had SHRED SHRED SHRED! flashbacks

Nicola letters

Emotions always run high during letters from home, but they were practically stratospherical when some housemates had the power to destroy their fellow housemates' beloved letters. Nicola's victims? Jedward. 

When she was in the band

Nicola embraced her rock 'n' roll side when she joined The Housemate Mayhem with Jedward. Will they be going on tour post-Celebrity Big Brother? Uh... no. Probably not, let's be honest.

It's been one whirlwind of a journey! What were your favourite Nicola moments? Join in the #CBB conversation and let us know on Twitter.