Mark has been evicted! Check out his top five moments

Farewell our eleventh evictee - you've left behind a much quieter House... The thing is, while we're all reeling in shock, Mark will have seen his exit coming - he is a psychic after all. Still, at least we can look forward to seeing the Liverpudlian on Bit on the Side - it's what he wanted. In the meantime, check out his top five moments. He's been entertaining since 'day dot'...

1. Money, money, money

What better way to kick off your time in the House than with five thousand pounds in your pocket. Mark picked up the prize after being selected for a reward by Power Housemate Pauline and he wasn't half chuffed about it. What did he plan to do with the money? Well, last we heard, there were plans afoot for a mobile salon, dubbed The Eyebrowmobile...

2. Butt-head


Mark has provided too many LOLs to mention but one of his most hilarious moments has to be the time he got his behind wedged in a giant head. Thankfully Matthew was on hand to release him. 

3. Mystic Mark

Mystic Mark

Despite not always being totally accurate, Mark always consulted his tea leaves whenever something big was going to happen in the House. His psychic abilities so impressed Big Brother that Mark was given plenty of opportunities to use second sight. He even managed to commune with the dead on Day 27.

4. Face-off

Mark tan

Mark's eyebrows almost stole the show this year and his love of grooming played a big part in his character. So when Big Brother took away the make-up and fake tan during the Power of Positivity Task, it was touch and go whether he could keep smiling. Being a trooper, he made it through but his face was a picture. 

5. Big Brother royalty

Separating Mark from his Scouse accent seems like an impossibility... and actually, maybe it is. We loved his attempt to sound like the Queen, though. A+ for effort.