Kim's CBB snapshots

She's had many a lovely night in the Celebrity Big Brother House, but tonight might've been the loveliest of all because Kim's walked out in third place! Let's relive the nights that brought us to this point...

When she clashed with Chloe


The words "bull" and "china shop" come to mind, as Kim made her presence felt almost as soon as she entered the House by kicking off at Chloe over a bit of splashed pool water

When she clashed with Nicola (and clashed, and clashed, and clashed)


And it seems she'd started as she meant to go on, because Kim also clashed with Nicola - or, as she called her, "Nicole" - more than once. Eeek.

When she became the Glistening Queen


Beyond her many CBB arguments, Kim also sparkled as a superhero, insisting her tea came with a side of raw bread and making sure sidekick Calum Best kept lovely and warm with frequent arm rubs. 

When she was greeted by PUPPIES!


Puppies, lovie, PUPPIES!

When she sacrificed a chance to talk to her husband for the greater good

We began to see a different side to Kim - a sweeter, funnier, team-spirit sort, luvvie.

When she flirted with the police officer

Kim flirting is a formidable sight. The police officer ruling over the interrogations suddenly seemed very out of his depth.

When she told Jedward about her 'lacies'

This was absolutely peak Kim. Deadpan and glorious. 

Kim, it's been emotional! And loud! And dramatic! Wanna share in the Kim love? Tweet us with your fave moments at @BBUK!