Katie Price is the winner of Celebrity Big Brother!

We have our new Celebrity Big Brother champion! Pricey, Pricey, Pricey! She came in as the new kid, showed us she was less glamour diva and more the girl next door, and left as the winner. Whatta girl. Let's remind ourselves of some of Katie's finest moments...

1. Fairy princess

Entering the House late, Pricey made quite the splash when she arrived - dressed as a fairy princess and with magical powers over her housemates. That's the way to do it. 

2. Bronzed beauty

It's January. The Big Brother House is in the UK. It's not particularly sunny here. But you'd never know it looking at Pricey. She made her tan a priority, and will probably leave the House a completely different colour than she entered it. That's dedication for you.

3. The quotable Pricey

Katie Price

She apologised for being boring and for talking about her exes too much, but Pricey often had something inspiring to say. We often found ourselves waiting eagerly for her next words of wisdom.

4. Katie vs Katie

Katie P wasn't the only Katie in the House, and the two of them didn't always get along. In fact, sometimes they really, really didn't get along. Which Katie came out on top? It's still up for debate, really.


Controversy aside, our Katie was always game for a laugh. Even if no-one else was.

Kate, it's been a pleasure. And you've taught the nation a valuable lesson: don't mess with the Pricey. (Valuable lesson = chuckleworthy quote we'll tire of before too long.)