Jedward's CBB snapshots

They’ve been Under Pressure in the Celebrity Big Brother House but now it’s time for Jedward to pack their bags and head back home to Planet Jedward, because they’ve left the House in second place! Well, their Free Spirits were never going to stay contained for long, and they’ll definitely Leave A Mark in our memories. Do you remember…

When they made a surprise late entrance to the House

Jedward crashed into the House on Day 4, in a storm of dry ice and glitter. And then they proceeded to sing and dance for their housemates, in case they hadn't made enough of an impression yet. It was, ahem, pretty jepic.

When Edward dreamed of dolphins

The Snug has generally proved to be a place of peace and quiet, where a weary celebrity can get away from the hustle and bustle of the House. It's never been quite as tranquil, though, as the moment Edward joined Angie Best for a little guided meditation. Relive it now: imagine you're on a beach, listening to the ocean, watching dolphins play in the waves.... Ahhh. Feel better?

When John got messy

During the #WeekendFromHell, Jedward found themselves condemned to Hell... but they never let it get them down. These boys could entertain themselves with a shoebox, so when they found some mud, it didn't take long before John was transformed into Mud Man. Don't ask us what his superpowers were meant to be, though. Your guess is as good as ours.

When they definitely weren't a joke act

It wasn't sunshine and smiles for our twins, though. To earn their way out of Hell, they had to take part in a vicious game of name-calling, and someone might've suggested they were talentless... which didn't go down well. Oh dear.

When the roles were reversed!

CBB Jedward

After Chloe hopped on John's lap for a rather revealing lapdance, John treated Chloe to this lovely little bum shake. So thoughtful, our Jedward. 

When John exploded (not literally)

Jedward's Celeb Big Brother experience was mostly fun and games - mostly fun and games that they'd invented, at that - but things did get a bit heated on Day 26, when John and Calum had one almighty argument. Hear John roar!

When they called it puppy love...

CBB Jedward

Let's finish on a moment guaranteed to make you go "awwww." Jedward + golden retriever puppies = all their wildest dreams come true. Awww.

We're sure Planet Jedward will be happy to have its crown princes back. Wanna share your favourite Jedward moments with us? Tweet to @BBUK and tell us all about it!