CBB Jamie

Jamie's CBB snapshots

CBB has been a whole new ball game altogether for Jamie, but now the full-time whistle has blown! He might have been caught offside with Jasmine, but he certainly scored a hat-trick with Bianca! Let’s take a look back at his Big Brother highlights…

When he briefly joined the cast of Game of Thrones

Jamie game of thrones

You know nothing, Jamie O'Hara

When he set his sights on Bianca

CBB Jamie

In what has often be noted as one of the greatest love stories of our time. Jamie 'fessed his feelings for cute as a button B after getting a knock back from Jasmine. As he declared to Nicola one merry night, "she's wifey, ain't she?"

When it all got too much in the Diary Room

CBB Jamie crying

Footballers have emotions too, you know. Especially when they're dressed in PJs with a teddy bear strapped to their arm. 

When he had a smooch with B in the toilet

CBB Jamie Bianca

In a House with cameras EVERYWHERE, there's only one place to go off the radar for a secret smooch and that romantic location is the loo. Maybe it was the loo roll that set pulses racing? Either way, the microphones picked up everything. 

When he found out about Bianca's secret boyf

Jamie and Bianca's fairytale romance hit a bit of a bump when a task revealed that Bianca was actually seeing someone on the outside. Awksssss. But after some hugging and crying and more hugging, they got past it.

When he faced the Final Judgement


Big Brother is always watching and, over the course of #JudgementWeekend, always judging. Jamie was in the dock for allegedly staging a showmance, and while he put up a strong defence, ultimately the jury ruled against him. (Or, you know, he got the fewest votes to save.) Denied his moment in the limelight, Jamie was escorted out of Big Brother’s back doors by two burly policemen. Oh, the humanity!

 Bon voyage, Jamie. May your sexy dreams never be told to an audience of millions of people again...