James C's CBB snapshots

The Lord Commander - eternally immune! - has finally moved out of the CBB House in fourth place! James C was nothing but a gentleman throughout his CBB journey. From Tony the Pony, to damning Speidi to eternal nomination, let’s take a moment to look back at some of his finest moments… 

When he met his trusty steed Tony The Pony

Not every housemate could sneak a pony through the House without all of their housemates knowing about it, but James C more than rose to the occasion.

When you voted him a bigger dreamboat that James J

Be it the rugged beard or the silky Scottish vocals, the whole House found out where James C stood on the dreamboat scale when Austin visited the James J museum during a task. Imagine the ammunition that gave him against House joker James J...

When he was granted eternal immunity

Eternal nomination

In a vote that would have lasting consequences for the entire House, James C was granted eternal immunity from the public votes. But with great power came great responsibility, as Spencer and Heidi sadly discovered as he opted to eternally nominate them. 

When he got one Jepic makeover

James makeover

James C is a legend, and Jedward's quiffs are legendary. It only made sense to combine the two and see what happened. The result? Judge for yourself. 

When he refused to wear his superhero costume

James C

Even if it cost the House some vital points in that week's shopping task, James C was adament his grey cardigan wasn't going to be replaced with skin tight lycra. 

When he got the giggles

James C giggling in the Diary Room after having a staged row over chocolate with Kim has to be one of our fave moments of the series. His laugh is so infectious! 

When he became the House storyteller

Sometimes, James C got to show off his actorly chops, and this task, in which he narrated a House fairytale complete with princesses, witches, and trolls, was one of the best. 

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