The Hurricane Report: The finale!

Big Brother's Sue Evans - aka Hurricane Sue - is back to give us her take on the Celebrity Big Brother housemates!

The finale week has been manic and sped by shockingly fast.  The back door eviction for me was the saddest part of the series. I really wanted Barry, sorry… Shaun to win! We did put a lot of pressure on him to bring a bit of EastEnders drama to the show but what he really delivered was Songs of Praise.

The best part of my week was seeing Jemma get the boot. Thank you Great British Public. I was starting to wonder if you were watching a completely different programme or what? My second best part was seeing Chad leave, only to see if Sarah could actually cope with the shock of living without him for a minute or two.  We all know how they planned to spend their finale night, not in the bog this time I hope! 

The fact that Derek lasted long enough to even experience finale night is a major miracle in my eyes. One of his spirit friends must be an angel! I thought the public were so on point to vote Sam out when they and as he walked up the stairs all we could hear was Amelia shouting out that she was so proud of him. Sorry Amelia, but you being proud is the last thing on his mind dear! In his exit interview he told Emma that Amelia never had a bad day in the House, talk about self-absorbed! She had many bad days but he was too busy with Jordan and Jemma to notice.

And then there were two. That’s right, Sarah and Amelia were left in the House waiting in anxious anticipation…crying and hugging it out, as you do. Sarah kept egging Amelia on saying “ You got it, you got it, you deserve it!”  I think Amelia wanted to scream “SHUT UP and just let me have this moment please!” It was written all over her face. Then Emma announced who the winner was and the crowd went absolutely mental. I remember being in that House and you can hear the chants crystal clear.

Amelia was a deserving runner-up.  She carried herself well in the House, very girl next door but that’s the safe way to play and she played it well. You could see that she was so grateful for all the votes and the reception that she received upon leaving. I don’t think entertainment is quite her thing though as if it wasn’t for the ‘SAMELIA’ storyline we wouldn’t have seen much of her. She will be just fine as we all know she can hold a note or two so I’m very much looking forward to another smash hit from our stunning blonde bombshell! 

The Great British public decided that our Celebrity Big Brother winner would be the one and only Sarah Harding. The truth is she has a ginormous die-hard fan base that love her to bits! We saw her in a delicate state, then we saw lots of highs as well as super low downs but I think what really won her #CBB crown was that 6'3" showmance shit! We sure love to hate showmances. We don’t necessarily like them but we want them to happen anyway just so we can have something to complain about!

Sarah was totally shocked and I believe her reaction was genuine.  We heard “F**K” more times than we would in a crucial scene from an adult movie! Her self-esteem should be in a better place now as the Great British public have shown how much they love her. It’s time for her to relish in this moment and never look back!

I do have one request though…  Sarah, please don’t leave us and cross the pond to the USA to be with Chad. We need you right here in the UK for more drama and don’t worry, you can be as LOUD as you like. 


Sue Evans x