The Hurricane Report: Eviction No. 2

Big Brother's Sue Evans - aka Hurricane Sue! - is back to give us her take on the Celebrity Big Brother housemates:

Wow! The second eviction has come upon us and the same bunch were up again! Chad, Trisha, Sarah and Karthik.

The House is becoming more territorial now, even Trisha was trying to call the shots. Chad couldn’t even develop a relationship with Sarah without getting an earful from her. How dare she tell a grown man who he can or cannot hang out with? What a cheek! I think that Chad would prefer the sound of Trisha NOT talking for a change and I’m sure he’s filled with joy that she’s walked.

Jemma is showing us more and more that she is indeed a snake in the grass. She is seething her negative energy among the House because she is jealous of Sarah’s popularity with Chad. The reconciliation between Sarah and Paul is eating away at her and she is also losing her grip on the JAM boys. Now that her buddy Trisha is gone it will be great to see who she forms alliances with. Paul is playing a BIG game but I don’t think it’s a good one. He needs to be careful and get his balance right because he could really put himself in danger by alienating the public with his not so subtle innuendos. If I was him (which I’m glad I’m not!) I’d buck up my ideas quick, before it’s too late!

I can’t help but praise Big Brother for getting Sandi on a task.  She should have been tickling us with her fast track wit and humour that we have all have come to love over the years, yet it seemed like her bubbly personality was a bit lost in the House at first. I was in hysterics watching her teach Trisha how to twerk. It was like pushing water up a hill, practically impossible. However, our girl Sandi pushed through and made it happen and it was truly worth the wait! It takes a real good sport to pull off a secret task and she passed with flying colours, she’s SIMPLY THE BEST!

However, someone who isn’t ‘The Best’ in my books is that Derek. He has turned on Sarah and Helen by nomming them both. I would LOVE Big Brother to show the housemates the Diary Room noms, just like they did in my series, it creates catastrophes and at least the girls will see what devilish Derek is all about. He is not the harmless elder that we all thought he was. In my opinion, he is an undercover sloth.

Chad's Diary Room chat about losing Amelia and possibly getting with Sarah was GENIUS! You can tell this isn’t his first rodeo, he’s been on reality TV before and he knows how to pull out the emergency stops! The public definitely saved him because they want to see a romance… I do too. They make a very sexy couple and if they hooked up it would wind the House right up! Isn’t that what we ALL want to see? I’m Team #SHAD all the way.

Sadly, we lost our second evictee last night. The Big K! He exuded positivity and good energy throughout the House but people want immense entertainment & fireworks instead.  He said that he was glad that he wasn’t the first one to go but I think that being second was just as devastating for him. Will the House miss him? Not in the slightest! Will I? I will indeed, but who stays? YOU decide!

Sue Evans x