The Hurricane Report: Evction No.4 & No.5

There is madness and mayhem in the house as usual, but there is also MURDER. I am so jealous! This has got to be the BEST task I have ever seen in the whole history of Big Brother. I wish I was there……If I was the murderer in my house everybody would have been killed off and I would have loved it.

The public chose Sarah and Sam to be the secret killers which of course was a brilliant choice. Firstly because it gives Sarah an alternative role other than whinging, whining and crying all day about how the public perceives her and secondly because Sarah can spend at least some of her time with another man, other than Chad! Talking of Chad, he is still wondering whether he is going to get a dip in the honey pot. Time is moving quickly and he has invested so much time into Sarah that he wants a much bigger reward than some sloppy wet kisses.

I’m a tad disappointed that Sam felt so guilty about his role in this task. I mean why would a murderer go and tell his housemates that he is the murderer? It’s supposed to be a secret! He reminds me a little bit of Raph from our season in the house.  He always felt bad when he was up to no good. You have to own your shit though if you’re going to do get up to mischief just get on with it and lay off with the guilt. It’s a game, remember? One thing that Sam did carry off beautifully was that gorgeous dress. One minute it was a maxi then the next he was hoisting it up into a mini but blimey, he sure wore it well at either length!

My favourite housemate this week has got to go to Sandi, Naomi Campbells cousin! I mean, surely that’s worth a mention!  OMG her wrath is like an explosion of volcanic molten rock, I knew that it was just a matter of time before she erupted, and rightly so. Brandi was devastated that she was being overpowered by the usually meek and mild Sandi. She did not expect to be told to “KISS MY BUTT!” It’s about time that somebody developed some balls and put Brandi in her place and it was perfect timing because  Brandi became the 4th evictee this week.  She couldn’t hide her shame as she exited the house, it was written all over her face. She did manage to recover when she was talking to Emma though, especially when she started suggesting that the Samelia’s bond isn’t as REAL as we all thought. Hmm, we will have to keep a sharper eye on those two, won't we? I’m hoping we don’t see more “6 ft 3 showmance shit!” like in my series, although in Sam’s case it’s more like 5”3, bless him.

The biggest shocker this week was Paul being evictee number 5. He was DEVASTATED!  I think Dangerous Danan was lost to us this week, he let Gemma steal his mojo and I’m gutted.  He mentioned that he thought him and Sam had bro code, as if! There is no such thing as bro code, girl code or any other code in that house darling.  When will these housemates learn? The ‘JAMAN’ trio he spoke about between him, Sam and Jordan was all in his imagination but at least we know he’s creative.

Paul did thank Big Brother profusely for having him in the house which was quite sweet and he said he was happy for a second chance in his career. That’s something that I can relate to as I got a second chance myself. A 2nd chance should never go to waste and whether you loved him or hated him, he surely didn’t waste this opportunity! He made quite an impact and I feel as though there will be an empty hole in that house without him. Who will step up to fill it? We will have to wait and see!

Sue Evans x