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Nadia Sawalha

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Are you nervous?
The only thing I'm nervous about is actually going in because you look such a prat going up those stairs.

So what made you say yes?
I'm a daytime TV presenter, I've got a brilliant family, a lovely husband, beautiful children and a lovely job. The other thing is that it's going to be huge fun. It'll be a test but all my family are weirdos and nutters so I'm already prepared for it!

People know you from Loose Women, so we're guessing you'll have plenty opinions to share?
I'm paid to have an opinion so I am an opinionated person. I don't look for confrontation but I would describe myself as feisty but fair. What I can't take is someone who isn't kind. If somebody just really isn't a very nice person then I will have a rub up with them. I can't hide it if I don't like somebody.

Who would you hate to meet in there?
Joan Collins isn't in, is she? There are a lot of rumours about who is in there, but I'll wait until I'm in there to judge. It's rumoured that Katie Hopkins is going in, but I suspect that she acts a lot of what she says because I don't think anyone could be that nasty. I think it's for business because it gets her work. I'm hoping that I meet her and she is actually quite nice because I've heard on the grapevine that she is actually quite funny. People can win me round if they're funny!

You won Celebrity Masterchef. Will you be happy to cook for people?
I love to cook for people! My mum's only bit of advice was, 'Don't take over the kitchen because people hate people who take over the kitchen on reality shows'. Her only advice was 'don't cook' which is hilarious because all I ever do is cook. I have two cookery columns, I write cookery books. But I have this fear that Big Brother will say you're not allowed to cook which will be really hard because I hate other people cooking!

Arguments can spiral into huge incidents in this House. Will you be able to avoid getting dragged in?
I think I read things quite well. I don't think I will get dragged into something I don't want to, but that's not to say I won't get dragged in. I'll walk in!