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Chris evicted
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New Forest
  • Chris wants to be an actor but is currently between jobs. He is also a skilled artist and sells works of art drawn in biro.
  • He wants to go into the House for the free rent, to lose weight and because he 'can't afford therapy'.
  • Chris is quick and witty with a dry sense of humour.
  • His main passions are music, movies, ideas, girls, individuality and creativity, honesty and respect.
  • Chris feels that his parents have taught him how to be polite to others at all times. "I'm trying to wean myself off this a bit because now I am obsessively polite – if someone punched me in the face and they got blood on their knuckles, I’d apologise for making their hands dirty," he says.
  • He has never worked a 9-5 job because he 'just couldn't'.
  • Chris is not entering Big Brother to further his acting career. "I will walk through any open door right now just to check out the scenery," he says.
  • When asked if he would choose money or love, Chris said, "I'd rather have money right now. I've got love but I don't feel independent enough to say I love myself."
  • Chris says his best personality trait is that if he loves someone he will 'love them unconditionally forever – in friends and relationships'.
  • He has a big group of friends but says he is 'trying to reduce it'.
  • When asked if he was looking for love in the House, Chris said, "No way! I never fancied anyone who's been on BB anyway. That is my worst nightmare".
  • Chris thinks he would resent having to participate in tasks, but thinks he would be brilliant at secret missions.
  • He thinks that pride would be the only thing that would get in the way of the tasks and says that he hates team bonding games.
  • Chris gets on best with intelligent people as 'willing stupidity is worse than natural stupidity'.