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Cami Li

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Why do you want to go into the House?
I thought it'd be a great opportunity to show the UK who I really am and have a good time!

What will you bring to the House?
I'll bring a lot of teeny-weeny bikinis that I plan to be in about 99 per cent of the time. Those and my shoes - you've got to walk around in heels!

What have you been doing to prepare?
They're either going to love me or hate me, so I'll just go in, do my thing, come out and win!

So you're in it to win it?
I am very competitive so winning is the only option.

Is there a public perception that you want to change by going in the House?
The public has me attached to my ex and I don't want that. I am my own person and I want them to know that this is who I am and not this person's ex.

Do you think you'll shock people?
I think it's more what I say that will shock people. I have no filter. I say it like I mean it. It will be so much fun.

How will you deal with people who have a problem with you?
I'll be like, "I'm sorry, you have bad taste!" If somebody gives me a mouthful I will lecture them and they'll go to the Diary Room and start crying, asking them to get them out of there.

Would anything make you quit?
No. I never back down. I'm a winner, remember?

Are you open to a relationship? 
No. I'll flirt and there will be boozy nights, but don't think you're putting a ring on it because I'm not about that life anymore.

Are there any types of people you'll struggle to live with?
I struggle with people who are similar to me. It's hard to have type A personalities who clash a lot. I get along better with men. They get my humour, but girls are like, 'Did she really just say that?'. I do get along better with guys until they try to sleep with me and then I have to find a new friend.