Celebrity Big Brother January 2016 Tiffany Pollard

Everything you need to know about this week's shopping task | Day 25

Yesterday, the CBB House was overtaken by a whole load of colourful phones in the name of this week's 'It's For You' shopping task. The celebs' job was simple - indentify the phone and pick it up when it rings, guess who's on the end of the line, then let them speak to their intended housemate. All while a giant clock counted down their alloted time. OK, so maybe not so simple.

The prospect of chatting with the outside world got Gemma very excited, while Jeremy correctly identified the first caller, allowing Darren to catch up with his wife. It was totes emosh.

The calls kept on coming, with Gemma winning a natter with TOWIE pal Bobby Norris (and eventually hanging up on him), John having a good cry over a chat with his sister, and Scotty T hearing from fellow Geordie Shore star Vicky Pattinson.

However, with the clock counting down on their Talk Time, the celebs weren't so keen to chat to ex-housemate Christopher, while Gillian McKeith called in with a few more rules to earn them extra minutes on the blower. Sneakily, Big Brother then tried to distract them from her new clean eating mission by sending in tasty hot pizza. Mmmmm.

To round off the evening's calls, Gemma struggled to identify Tiffany's mother, only giving the American housemate a short time to chat. Tiff was over the moon, regardless.

The ringing resumed today, with Gemma guessing Danniella's caller correctly (and getting a little too excited about it) before getting some amazing news of her own from mum Joan.

A few final calls came in to complete the task, with Stephanie having a lovely heart-to-heart with her dad, and Scotty T getting to chat to Megan for the first time since THAT smooch with Tiffany. Awwwks.

So... how did they do?

They passed, of course, giving them one major luxury shopping budget to play with. Hoorah! 

Let's wait and see how they spend all their hard earned dollar.