Everything you need to know about launch night part two

The final instalment of the Power Trip launch introduced us to not only six brand new housemates, but the almighty power that Pauline now possesses in the very palm of her hands. Let’s have a recap, it all happened so fast.

We learnt a lot about the original ten during their first day in the house. Many spent the first few hours getting to know each other. Steven, especially, wasted no time in asking Kimberly about her relationship status. Spoiler Alert - she’s dating.

Matthew felt the sweet feeling of grass between his toes again as he was released from the comforts of the elevated perspex box. Not all of the housemates were too thrilled, with Helen letting slip that she was wary of Matthew and his eloquence.  

Danielle became the first to shed a few tears, but don't worry, Mark was on hand to hug away her blues.

Toya, Chris, Ashleigh, Marlon, Ash and Jale each made their grand entrances, unaware of the all-seeing and all-hearing Pauline watching (and judging) from above. Chris even bagged himself a kiss on the cheek from Emma Willis. But the main event was yet to come...

In an almighty twist, Big Brother gave Pauline the power to grant a pass to the final for one lucky housemate, and after much deliberation, Helen bagged herself the golden ticket. Housemates cheered and Pauline reigned victorious...for now. 

And as the night drew to a close, housemates celebrated with limbo, headstands and an attempt to form some sort of human pyramid.