Ashleigh in the sunshine

Everything you need to know about Day 4

Having had a few days to get to know one another, our housemates all seemed to be feeling pretty comfortable. But not for long, because Day 4 saw the first round of nominations in the House.

Tamara hears the nomination rules

To make things just a little bit tougher, Big Brother decreed that housemates had to have legitimate reasons for all of their nominations. There'll be no easy answers like "we haven't got anything in common" or "we haven't had a chance to bond" for this lot. The stress of it all changed the atmosphere in the House, with Christopher, in particular, feeling guilty about his noms. The results of today’s nominations won't be revealed until tomorrow, though, so they'll just have to stew for a bit longer.

Winston demonstrating push ups

Once they'd nominated, most of the housemates decided to spend their day soaking up the sun. Tamara got a lesson in proper push-up form from Ash and Winston and then decided to turn Ash into her own personal human surfboard. As you do.

Ash at the Pool Party

With tensions running high and cliques starting to emerge, power housemate Pauline got to play favourites again when Big Brother threw her another party. This time, she picked Chris, Ash, Marlon, Tamara and Kimberly to join her for a pool party. While they splashed around eating ice cream and enjoying the sunshine, the rest of the House just had to be happy with their soup.

Matthew does a backbend

A spot of gymnastics and, er, carpet drag rounded off the day. Don't forget to tune in tomorrow night at 10pm to find out who's been nominated for this summer's first evictions - and to see who Pauline has chosen to use her killer nomination on...