Day 71

Everything you need to know about Day 71

How would you have spent the penultimate day in the Big Brother House? We'll tell you what the housemates did, and then you can see how similar your days might have been...

Housemates appeared rather dazed and confused as they awoke from slumber on Day 71. But not as confused as Ashleigh looked a little later when she almost fell victim to one of Pav's chickpea pranks. Louis, Ashleigh's precious hot water bottle, was the only casualty. Don't worry, he's sparkling clean now. 

The pranks didn't stop there though. Or start there, actually. Despite their best efforts, Ash and Pav's attempts at pranking Christopher were somewhat lacking, leaving the pair stuck in the Pod with a couple boxes of water and nowhere to go.

But there was no point in crying over unspilt water, the housemates' last supper was almost upon them...they just had to get ready first.

One by one, housemates raised a glass to their fellow residents, and BOY it got emotional. 

Christopher was thankful for his summer, tear rating: 0/6. Ashleigh said that she had made friends for life, tear rating: 4/6 and Chris set the emotional bar high with a frank and honest toast, tear rating: 4/6.

Pav spoke about his journey from outsider to prankster, tear rating: 0/6, Helen apologised and admitted to not being the easiest person to live with, tear rating: 1/10 and Ash welled right up, tear rating: 2/10 (predominently Ash's tears).

Ash crying

Don't worry, Ash got back to his pranking ways not long after...

Ash drenches Helen

And so the final looms! One of our six hopefuls will be crowned the winner of Big Brother 2014, and you get the privilege of deciding who. Make sure you stick with us throughout the day to see how housemates are getting on before the grand event.