Everything you need to know about Day 70

The day started as every day should with a little dose of philosophy. Ash and Pav lay in bed and decided that you should live for the moment. As the old song goes: enjoy yourself, enjoy yourself, it's later than you think. 

Later in the day the housemates - with help from ex HMs Danielle and Zoe - had to answer some tricky questions from the public. In part 2 Ash was accused of not having any intelligent conversations. He talks about mint a lot. 

In preparation for Friday's finale, Mark and Biannca were brought in to give their advice on what the housemates should wear for the last night.

The remaining six then gave us a little taste of what their all important walks will be like if they're lucky enough to win. Ash has gone for the Biannca method.

After a lovely Indian dinner, the housemates got the surprise of their lives when a few familiar faces crashed their second-to-last night party. Much hugging and dancing followed. 

To round off what had been a day of old friends and reflection the housemates were appropiately treated to a slide show of their time in the House.

As their memories flashed across the screen old arguments were forgotten and the final six remembered what really matters. Tears streamed down their faces and then a miracle happened: Ashleigh and Helen realised that hating one another is a waste of time and embraced like old friends. Pass the tissues.

We may, for the final two days, have harmony in the House.

Hopefully the housemates will enjoy themselves, it's later than they think.