Everything you need to know about Day 65

Double eviction day started earlier than the housemates expected when Big Brother rudely woke them up as a punishment for their fire escape escapades the night before.

The terrible punishment of not having any appliances for a few hours sparked yet another row between Helen and Ashleigh because Helen refused to apologise for her shocking misdemeanour.

The guilty threesome - Helen, Winston and Ash - did eventually get round to apologising with a lovely little poem, although the other housemates didn't seem to find it all that funny. 

The punishments continued as Helen, Winston and Ash were put into stocks as the other housemates got to tell them what they really thought and then fling buckets of slop in their faces.

But everything had merely been a small hors d'oeurve for the main course of eviction night as Mark and his eyebrows were the first to go. Then our Emma pulled no punches as she asked the scouse some tricky questions which left him almost speechless.

Almost immediately the shock of the series landed as Winston (yes, Winston) was booted out. Looking like a cross between Alan Partridge and a croupier he answered Emma's questions in his own inimitable way. Biannca and Tamara must be extatic. 

The housemates simply refused to believe it and came up with all sorts of theories about what might be going on. But the simplest answers are usually correct and as the truth dawned on Ash he shed a tear for his dear departed brother from another mother.

So it's down to the final six and you're now voting for your WINNER.

Will Helen and Ashleigh bury the hatchet? Will Ash ever recover from not seeing his favourite blonde bombshell everyday? Stay with us to find out.