Everything you need to know about Day 64

Ah, Day 64. A new Big Brother day in which housemates can forget all of last night's troubles and really make the most of their time in the House. If only.

While voice levels may have been kept to a minimum, the arguments from last night were firmly at the forefront of everyone's mind. Helen and Ash claimed to be unfazed by Christopher's "attention-seeking" ways after he tried to clear the air with Mark in the early hours. Ashleigh, Chris and Christopher enjoyed their morning cuppa with a spoonful of isolation. And Mark, well he was just not a happy bunny

A spot of cleaning and a wee bit of "Can you believe you told Helen she was the sexiest housemate?!" teasing later, and housemates were more than ready to take on the day's Price of Fame task.

ashleigh christopher

Chrstopher and Ashleigh were the lucky two who had to guess what you, the public, thought of our dear housemates. Who would have thought that Mark would be voted as having the cheapest wardrobe? Certainly not the man himself.


In a bid to move forward as one, #Mistopher ventured to the Pod to resolve their differences. We're not exactly sure what conclusion they came to, but Mark did make progress with his lunch.

Mark eating

No day before an eviction would be complete without a good dose of speculation and uncertainty. Ash, Pav and Winston kicked things off by discussing Ashleigh's winning potential. Ashleigh, on the other hand, couldn't make her mind up about whether she wanted to win or not.

Mark pressed his fellow housemates for answers about how they would feel if he got the boot, before promptly practicing his eviction wave and smile for the roaring crowd (a few housemates in the bedroom). 

While we may have had moderately average hopes that the House could unite before the dreaded double eviction, a divide was sadly confirmed when Mark noted that Christopher was spending an awfully long time in the bathroom, rather than sitting outside. What can we say? The guy does like a good soak. 

Will the looming double eviction bring housemates out in cold sweats? Will Christopher consider another protest in the bathroom?  You'll know as soon as we do...