Everything you need to know about Day 63

After the eavesdropping the night before, the day started with some good old fashioned awkwardness as Helen gave Chris the cold shoulder. 

Helen then confronted Ashleigh and Chris about what they had said the night before. We think there may have been some crossed wires and some empty bottles.

To her credit, Helen then did begin to untangle those pesky wires conceeding to Ash that she may have jumped to some wrong conclusions. Never...

The shocks continued as Mark's psychic abilities were yet again found wanting in a 50/50 Task involving some grubs and a meerkat. Perhaps it's time for Mark to consider the possibility that he might not be the first person in history to have the ability to see into the future.

And noboday could see that a storm was coming in the form of the Power of Money Task. Housemates were asked whether they wanted to leave the £15,500 extra they had won or take it for themselves. But the twist was that you, the public, had voted Ashleigh as the housemate tasked with trying to guess which of them had said they wanted to take the money.

And soon the money was weaving its evil magic as the housemates started to bicker and then scream at one another about pacts, broken promises and trust.

The toxic fallout continued as Helen questioned Chris' intentions for the extra - and now non-existent - cash. 

Christopher then waded in to stick up for Chris and succeeded in raising the volume to new and terrifying heights

Will the money cause more problems in the House? Will Mark begin a new and glorious career in car insurance? Stay with us to find out. 

Money, money, money isn't so funny in Big Brother's world.