Day 62

Everything you need to know about Day 62

Face to face nominations might have rocked the House yesterday, but things were set to get even more tense as Day 62 reared its ugly head. Why don't we start at the very beginning?

Housemates awoke on Tuesday morning confused and disorientated, not because Mark had disturbed their slumber at 2am, but mainly due to the giant cash counter that had mysteriously appeared in the living area. 

As our Borehamwood residents were soon to find out, this week's shopping task was all about the Power of Money and just how far housemates were prepared to go to increase the winner's prize fund by a whopping £25,000. There was confusion, there was uncertainty, but there was also a suggestion from Winston that they could split the additional prize money between the remaining eight, and housemates were soon in agreement that this would certainly, most definitely happen at the end of the show. We'll see.

The first power hit of the day required nominated housemates Winston, Mark, Christopher and Pav to decide whether Ash, Ashleigh or Chris would join them in facing the public vote, in exchange for a rather handsome amount of money. 

Helen's salon was back in business, and lucky customers Ash and Winston had to decide whether a hair cut from Helen Scissorhands herself, plus an extra £2,000 in the kitty, would be worth it. We'll leave you guessing as to what they decided...

Next to play the money game were Chris, Christopher and Mark as they faced family temptation or cash elimination. £6,000 was up for grabs, and in this game every second counted. Long hugs meant less money. Whoever spoke of family (de)values? 

The final hit of the day came in the form of a rather harrowing looking drink and numerous sick buckets positioned around the garden. The more the housemates sipped, the higher the prize fund would be. It's safe to say that housemates were not particularly fond of the beverage, but one in particular gave it a real good go.

Christopher task

You'd think that housemates would unite after all the spluttering and wretching, but as the night drew to a close, Helen's eavesdropping led to a discovery of what Ashleigh and a merry Chris really thought of her, and our Bolton lass wasn't too pleased. It's not all bad for Helen though, as Chris revealed that he actually has the hots for her

Will Helen reveal what she heard? How will housemates fare when the Power of Money strikes again tomorrow? You know what they say, mo money mo problems.