Everything you need to know about Day 61

The day started with Mark and Helen complaining about having to do their own hair. It's hard in the BB House. 

Then Ash and Chris started to worry that the housemates were cracking up. Why? Bobbing for spoons in soapy sink water is perfectly normal isn't it?

And right on cue Christopher popped up with a delicious drink of lemon and coffee. There was party in his mouth but who knows what in his head.

Things went from culinary magic to real magic when Ash got to dazzle the housemates with his Absoutely Fantastic Magic Show. Part 1 saw him vanish a ketchup bottle and put on an unsettling posh accent and in Part 2 the master showman did unspeakable things with a red handkerchief.

But the magic quickly left the House when Christopher and Pav decided to continue their tentative forays into the music industry. 

And there was definitely no singing when the housemates had to endure face-to-face nominations, which resulted in Pav, Christopher, Winston and Mark being put up for eviction.

How will the House respond to the face-to-face nominations? Will Ash become the new Paul Daniels? Will Christopher start a new coffee and lemon drinks empire? Stay with us to find out.