Everything you need to know about Day 6

The first week of Celebrity Big Brother 2016 may almost be over *sobs*, but that doesn't mean things in the House are getting any easier.

Jeremy and Stephanie started the day with a fun bubble bath (cue Santa foam beards), before a bit of a row broke out in the kitchen over cold pizza.  

The rage continued as John went in on his fellow housemates over the state of the toilet. Our advice: don't cross a with man with shades and a j-cloth.  

However, the mood lightened in the afternoon when Big Brother set the housemates a task, which involved gifts popping up in their face. Catch them and you keep them, was the rule. 

Darren's grasp was glorious, but the gift inside wasn't quite what he expected, while Gemma missed out on hers altogether. However, a certain Mr Maloney was over the moon with his Rylan-themed reward!


Following all the flying box excitement, the GC then revealed some big news to rival Kristina's: she's having Jonathan's baby. We're not sure the rest of the housemates were too convinced, though.

The drama deepend when the housemates began receiving the not-so-good fruits of today's task, with Nancy's being a cold night trapped in a wagon in the garden. 

Meanwhile, Danniella was forced to wear this sign until further notice.

But things got even worse when two housemates were accused of breaking the rules, resulting in a luxury food hamper being taken away. Uh oh.

See it all unfurl on tomorrow's show at 9pm on Channel 5.