Everything you need to know about Day 56

The housemates continued to face off against the internet (yup, the combined force of the entire world wide web - more or less) in the second day of the shopping task. But yesterday's revelations were still hanging over them, causing a bit of conflict in the House...

Chris still wasn't sure whether or not not-so-newbies Pav and Zoe could be trusted, but decided his best bet was to be positive. Mark, meanwhile, had well and truly fallen victim to paranoia, suspecting everyone and everything.

The tension all got a bit much for some housemates, and our two resident Celts had an unexpected barney over, um, well, we're not entirely sure. Part of the problem seemed to be that everyone thought Big Brother was about to spring a nasty surprise on them. Which was sort of true...

Because the last part of the Housemates vs the Internet task saw housemates confronted with exactly what you lot out there think of them. We asked you to compare the housemates and vote in our poll, deciding which housemates are the most manipulative, interesting, or two-faced, and to win their shopping budget, housemates had to figure out exactly where they ranked in each category.

And then Big Brother made each housemate wear a sign around his or her neck, reflecting the public's view of them. Ouch.

The paranoia didn't really let up for the rest of the day, with housemates wondering what they'd done to merit the judgements handed down by the voting public. It's fair to say some housemates were happier than others with their verdicts.

The evening took an unexpectedly positive turn, as an honesty game turned into a massive love-in, but there was some bad news in store for the housemates, too. They failed the shopping task, and will have to cope with only basic rations this week. So that should cheer them up.

Will a lack of fancy food see housemates come together to cope with their chickpea-based diet, or will they find deprivation leads to deeper divides? Stick with us to find out...